From artificial turf for household use to artificial turf for professional sports, we are working on the creation of new
needs and markets, including various product development.

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Company Philosophy / Prospects

Company Philosophy

Look up the SKY! Think Global!

We, PAE Global, are not a company that simply provides products and services that make customers happy.

In recent years, the aging of the population, digitization, and globalization are also on the increase in Japan, and the needs of customers are becoming increasingly diverse in tandem with it. There is no end to this direction.
While in such an environment, we are striving to solve problems dealing with these various changes flexibly and provide products and services that customers can use safely and securely.

Our employees are equipped not only with expertise but also with proficient language skills and global business skills. With this manpower, we absorb and combine the good points of the countries around the world.
And we combine every priority based on the vision we have discovered on our own and move forward with the planning, production, logistics, and sale globally from Japan to the world as well as from abroad to Japan.

Company Prospects

We are planning to set up a division (tentatively called Global Business Support Division) that aims to realize interconnection across multiple countries and promote globalization by incorporating overseas perspectives, which cannot be obtained just by looking at the world from within Japan.