From artificial turf for household use to artificial turf for professional sports, we are working on the creation of new
needs and markets, including various product development.

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Message from the Director

We will respond flexibly to increasingly diversified needs,
we PAE Global will deliver world-class quality.

I often liken life to a soccer player in the middle of a game. This player, dribbling and advancing forward, is playing both offensively and defensively. While making successive attacks on the goal, he also runs and protects the ball to make sure the other team can't steal it away. In addition, he must constantly make adjustments to his strategy while setting his eyes on the goal.

Protecting the ball is another way of expressing the idea of protecting yourself and your present condition and life. It's impossible to stop the flow of time. We must always be moving forward. This is just like the soccer player, who must constantly keep running. Also, in today's competitive society, the necessity of being flexible, having awareness, and adapting to the changing world is equivalent to the soccer player's need to adapt his offensive strategy and keep running for the goal. The game (of life) has already started. Make your best effort and leave no regrets behind. Let's enjoy this soccer game of life. Go for the goal, and move forward together!

Director Addie Fong